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Welcome to the Monarch Theatre!

The Monarch Theatre is debatably the OLDEST running movie theatre in Canada located downtown Medicine Hat.
Its single screen shows new, unique, and classic movies.

This Week's Movie


This week (Feb 27, 28, Mar 1, 4 at 7:30pm), we show The Imitation Game.

Rating: PG for coarse language, and for sexual references and frequent smoking in a historical context.

Drama/Biography. Based on the book 'Alan Turing: The Enigma' by Andrew Hodges. An account of famed mathematician and cryptanalyst Alan Turing, whose top secret work enabled the Allies to crack the German Enigma code during World War II. --Alberta Film Ratings

Poster for the film, The Imitation Game


Poster for the film, A Most Violent Year

Next week (Mar 6, 7, 8, 11 at 7:30pm), we show A Most Violent Year.

Rating: 14A for coarse language.

Crime Drama. Set in early 1981 New York City, considered to be one of the most violent years in the city's history, Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac) is the hard-working owner of Standard Oil, an up and coming heating oil company. He and his wife (Jessica Chastain) try to grow their business in New York in 1981 without resorting to gangsterism, or succumbing to the forces arrayed against him. --Wikipedia, Alberta Film Ratings


Next (Mar 13, 14, 15, 18 at 7:30pm), we show A Most Violent Year.

Rating: PG for coarse, sometimes aggressive language, and frequent portrayals of alcohol abuse.

Drama. Elliot Anderson (Kevin Costner) is widowed after a car crash leads to the death of his wife. Elliot has raised his granddaughter Eloise since his daughter died in childbirth. As he struggles with his grief, Elliot's world is turned upside-down when the child's black grandmother Rowena (Octavia Spencer) demands that Eloise be brought under the care of her father, Rowena's son, Reggie, a drug addict whom Elliot blames for the negligence that led to the death of his own daughter. Elliot finds himself deeply entrenched in a custody battle and will stop at nothing to keep his granddaughter from coming under the watch of his reckless son-in-law. --Wikipedia

Poster for the film, A Most Violent Year

Monday Night At The Movies

On the third Monday from September to May, Monday Night At The Movies presents movies as a fundraiser for the Society of Friends of the Public Library.

Regular admission prices:

$8 for adults
$7 for seniors (65+)
$7 for students with valid student ID
$6 for children (12 and under)

Special Movie Deals

Each Wednesday and Sunday evening is our 5&5 special.

This means admission is $5 and a medium pop & popcorn combo is only $5!!

Dinner and a Movie with:

Inspire Cafe

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday after 5pm is Dinner and a Movie with Inspire Cafe. With that deal, you receive a movie pass which is valid for up to one week! Call 403-548-2233 for more information.

Twist Logo
Every Friday and Saturday evening is Dinner and a Movie with Twist Wine Bistro and Restaurant, movie pass is valid for up to one week! Call 403-528-2188 for more information.

Mario's Logo
Monday and Thursday evening is Dinner and a Movie with Mario's Restaurant, movie pass is valid for up to one week! Call 403-529-2600 for more information.

Special Events

Globe On Screen

From the legendary Globe Theatre in London, England, the home of William Shakespeare, we bring Globe On Screen, three productions of his beloved plays, all captured live.

Dates Production
Mar 14
Mar 15
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Apr 18
Apr 19
Twelfth Night

Puck, one of the central characters in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

A Midsummer Night's Dream

To celebrate the start of spring, on March 14 and 15 at 1pm, we show A Midsummer Night's Dream.

A comedy in ancient Athens about a Love Dodecahedron gone out of control thanks to the meddling of fairies.

Tickets available at box office. The box office and doors open at 12:30pm. The play starts at 1pm. Ticket price: $5.

Two young Athenians, Hermia and Lysander, are in love. Unfortunately, Hermia's father Egeus has just betrothed her to another man named Demetrius. Demetrius' former girl was Helena, who just happens to be Hermia's best friend and is now angry that Demetrius has chosen the wealthy Hermia over the woman he used to love. They go to court, where Duke Theseus (who has his own impending marriage to Hippolyta, an Amazon queen, on his mind), rules in Egeus' favor. He gives Hermia the choice to accept the marriage, be executed, or become a nun.

So Hermia and Lysander run away by night. Before they leave, Hermia confides in Helena and asks her not to tell anyone; so naturally, Helena tells Demetrius in a last ditch attempt to get back into his good graces. Demetrius follows the lovers, with Helena following after him, and all of them end up lost in the same forest.

Meanwhile, Oberon, King of the Fairies, has concocted a plan to get revenge on his bickering wife Titania, involving a certain flower whose nectar will, after being dropped into someone's eyes, cause them to fall in love with the first person they see. After eavesdropping on Helena and Demetrius and seeing how he spurns her, Oberon decides to have a bit more fun. He sends his servant Puck to give the potion to "a youth in Athenian garb," traveling in the woods with a woman, in such a set-up so that the first person he sees will be the woman.


The Monarch Theatre is available to rent. See our rent form for more information.